Helle L. Moum is researching ways of communicating stories in dance. Contact: hmoum(at)online.no Info in Norwegian

HLM Productions was established in Oslo in 2007.
The production company produces dance artist Helle Levang Moum’s projects.

Helle also works as a freelance producer for other artists, companies and institutions.

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About HLM Productions

From “Crack the Codes” with Haugen produksjoner , Stellaris DanceTheatre’s 35th anniversary, Hammerfest, Norway, September 2015.

HLM Productions is situated in Oslo, Norway.

HLM Productions

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HLM Productions was founded in 2007. It also offers project manager services for other dance artists, companies and institutions. Mer om sonen

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Resumé Helle L. Moum

Helle has a BA (Hons.) from Trinity Laban in London and was a student at the Independent Student Programme at Alvin Ailey in New York. She has experience from international co-operation through her participation in The Barents Dance Council

Helle has choreographed two dance-performances. Read more about those in “About HLM Productions”

From 2004 until today Helle works as a freelance producer. Among others her previous employers have been:
Kristin Norderval
Dansens Hus
Trine Saltermark

Helle has taught dance at various evening schools. In 2008 – 2010 she developed and taught a Workshop in Creative Dance, which was part of Den kulturelle skolesekken, (The Cultural Knapsack) in secondary schools in the counties Troms and Nordland.

In 1994-2004 Helle worked as a freelance dancer, previous employers have been amongst others:
Stellaris DansTeater
Odd Johan Fritzøe
Sari Lievonen
Mobile Bones
Maria Littow

Helle is a member of:
Norske Dansekunstnere
Forum for nordnorske Dansekunstnere